Telephone Feature Descriptions

Automatic Callback

Automatic Callback allows a subscriber to automatically place a call to the last station called by the subscriber, when that station becomes in idle.

This feature redials the last number dialed called from any phone in the house. No need to keep going back to a certain phone just to use the redial feature on that phone.

Automatic Recall

Automatic Recall allows a subscriber to automatically place a call to the last station that called the subscriber, when that station becomes in idle.

On the phone with someone that called you, and accidentally hung up on them? Or someone call you from a cellular phone and the call got dropped? Use this feature to call them back hassle free!

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding allows a subscriber to redirect calls intended for his/her station to another station.

Going on vacation and don't want to miss any calls? Taking care of a friend or relative for an extended period of time? Or just going away for awhile and don't want to miss any calls? Use this feature to have all of your calls automatically forwarded to any dialable number of your choice.

Call Hold

Call Hold allows a customer to return the telephone's handset to its hook while a call is in progress.

On the phone and have to do something real quick, like put something away, or finish something, or ask someone a question and you don't want to hang up? Just put the customer on hold and set the phone down, then resume the conversation when you are ready.

Call Name Delivery

Call Name Delivery displays the name of the caller when available.

Tired of telemarketers, unimportant calls during dinner with the family, someone interrupting your favorite tv show, or just want to keep track of who has called? This feature allows a customer to see who is calling before they pick up the phone. If you miss the call, or just didn't want to answer, you'll now know who to call back.

Call Number Delivery

Call Number Delivery provides the subscriber with the directory number (DN)of the calling party during the ringing cycle.

Call Waiting

Call Waiting provides a signal to a customer using the telephone that another caller is attempting to call that customer.

Waiting on an important phone call and afraid to make another call because you'll miss the important one? This feature alerts you when you are on the phone with someone and someone else is calling. So, you'll never miss a call while you're on the phone again!

Distinctive Ring/Directory Number

Distinctive Ring/Directory Number allows a customer to receive a distinctive ringing pattern on a second directory phone number using the same equipment as the first phone number.

Do you have a fax machine and never know rather someone is calling or you're getting a fax? Do you have children and not sure if the phone is for them, or for you? This feature allows you a second phone number with a different ring all through your original equipment.

Speed Calling 8 & 30 Number

Speed Calling 8 & 30 Number allows a customer to reach preset numbers by abbreviated dialing. The system allows the customer to alter his or her speed calling list.

Three Way Calling

Three Way Calling allows a subscriber to add a third party to an existing conversation. The Three Way Calling (TWC) feature is a software function and requires no additional equipment. The party initiating a three way call (the controller) may place one party on hold while dialing and talking to a second party. The controller my then include the held party in a three way connection. The added party may be dropped from the connection by a flash from the controller.

Multiple three way calls may be connected by "chaining" the calls, provided the chaining is done by a non-controlling party in an established three way call. The chaining function is restricted when the System Option "Three Way Calling Originator Only" option has been enabled.